Download the Manual only. All features of the PRO version are enabled in the trial version with some limitations. Previous versions, if not required anymore, should be uninstalled before installing V3.1.  If older versions than V3.1 are removed after having installed this V3.1 version then the V3.1 installation will have to be repeated. Please check that your PC has the MIcrosoft .NET framework 2.0 and 4.0 installed. You can use the tool presented here : . Missing frameworks can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download site :   .   

  New Version 3.2 installer package. Will install next to old V3.1 and use the same license.

To enjoy of all features (Gribviewer and MapLib tool), the program compatibility settings should be set to 'Run as administrator'.

Do not remove any of the demo files which come with the program in the different folders, otherwise the program will attempt to repair the oiginal installation by replacing them in their respective folders. While installing on newer systems (W7 and up), Windows will issue a warning. You can safely ignore this and continue. Secondly, unless UAC (User Account Control) is set to the level "Never notify", each time when you start Tacsail the Windows OS will issue a similar warning before you can start up the program.

Feature Basic Standard Pro Trial version
Tactical Screen x x x Demo logs to evalutate function. Direct data input and output restricted to 500 sentences
Trend Graph Screen x x x  
Polar screen (single polar file) x x x Demo data sets to evaluate function. Direct data input and output restricted to 100 data points
Polar screen (four polar files and live polar data)     x  
Tack screen   x x Demo data sets to evaluate function.
Instrument repeaters x x x  
Log webcam pics (time marked)     x  
Gribviewer and gribwind indicator   x x  
Startline function     x  
Calibration screen x x x  
Use Android phone as pitch/heel and GPS sensor     x  
Use Android phone as data repeater   x x  
Use Android phone as controller for startline- and logstart function     x  
Use Android watch to view data   x x  

Small updates will be made available from time to time. They will be released as a new Tacsail_V3_1.exe file.  Copy this latest  .exe over the installed one in the Tacsail program folder: C:/Program Files(x86)/Tacsail_V3.1/Tacsail_V3_1.exe

You can use raster scanned NOAA charts in BSB/KAP format ( available in the US for free) or scan your paper charts and calibrate them with the integrated tool..  Convert NOAA charts to  MapLibs with the integrated converter module.