How does TACSAIL know what the optimum performance is for my boat ?

The "optimum" or "standard" performance is summarized by the boat's designer in so called VPP information. VPP stands for Velocity Prediction Program. This VPP information is graphically presented in a polar diagram. This diagram basically tells you for any true angle of the wind and for any windspeed, what your speed through the water ideally (optimally) should be. Most manufacturers can provide this data for your particular boat. TACSAIL PERFORMANCE uses this polar data to compare directly and continuously your "actual" performance.

How do I create my own polar data and curves ?

Read this document first. Document was written for old standalone version of the Polar program but is still valid for Tacsail V3.

Are upgrades of TACSAIL free ?

Yes, the purchase of a license will entitle buyers to receive all future SW-upgrades of TACSAIL free.

How do I install my license ?

Just copy/paste the license from the e_mail which you received in the field "License Key" and click" Install".  The license will be installed and the program will register your installation and authenticate the license online. If you have no internet connection then authentication can be done by us  by sending us an e-mail with your license file.

Can I authenticate my license offline ?

Yes. If you do not have an internet connection, then when you install the license it will (after trying unsuccessfully to contact the authentication server) give you the option to save the license to a file that you can then authenticate by uploading (using a browser on another computer) to the authentication server.

Alternatively you can email the license file to us. We will authenticate  the license file for you and return the authenticated file to you. You can then use the Load License button to install the authenticated license.

Can I use the program on a different computer?

Yes, but first you must uninstall the license from computer 1 and then reinstall it on computer 2. You can do that twice in a one year period.

Can I receive NMEA-data through a USB port ?

Yes, with a so called Serial-port to USB converter.  Type " serial usb" in your search engine for shops and adresses. 

How can I  use TCP or UDP to connect to Tacsail when I have no network on my boat ?

On the PC or laptop on which you have Tacsail installed you need to create a Virtual Wifi Access Point. For XP users see this link. For Vista, W7, W8, W8.1 and Windows 10 users see this link.

Can I export polar-data for analysis in e.g. Excel ?

Yes, you can import the polar-logs data as a comma delimited file into Excel. Each record contains the true wind-angle, the true windspeed and the corresponding boat speed.

How do I convert Google Earth Images to Tacsail Maplibs ?

Use the tool GE2KAP from www.gdayii.ca to capture images from GE, These will be saved as KAP files and can then be converted with the integrated BSB2MapLib converter.


Can I use TACSAIL on a laptop on deck ?

Yes, by using a serial-wireless server box which transmits the NMEA-data wirelessly to your laptop. This is the favourite setup on our testboat.

Click here for example of this HW 

Tacsail gives error message ""Could not load file or assembly GpsToolsNET.200, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken etc"

Version 3.0 of Tacsail needs the Microsoft C++ runtime library files. On some PC's these are not installed. If you have downloaded and installed the Demo after 16th May 2009 then the installer will automatically check for the presence of these files on your PC and if necessary download them from the Internet. This requires that you are connected to the web while installing the program.

Download C++ libraries here

Another possible cause for this error could be missing Microsoft's .NET 2.0 Framework on older PC"s . Download and install this from Microsoft via following link:


Processor load is constantly 100 %  ?

Apart from using a processor which is too slow < 1GHz this has also been observed with older drivers for virtual ports created by Serial/USB adapters from Prolific.
Be sure to install the latest drivers from Prolific when using the 230x series.


Will Tacsail run on 64 bit system Windows 7,8,8.1,10 ?

Yes, provided you run it in the X86 folder. Normally the installation will put Tacsail in the Program Files (X86) folder. After having installed the full package you must download the latest Tacsail_V3.exe and copy this version over the existing version.

How to use pitch/heel sensor for static and dynamic pitch/heel compensation ?

See this document.