HOW TO INTERFACE the TACSAIL software with your instruments ?


There are a multitude of instrument systems on the market, each with it's own set of hardware and/or software modules. These instrument systems must provide the data which is used by TACSAIL to calculate and compare the actual performance with the optimum performance of your boat.

We try to keep the TACSAIL software as versatile and flexible as possible so that we are able to connect to most current instrument systems. Should a special need arise then we can easily implement this in the existing software.

On the output side the information (performance data) can be provided in many different ways. Some users will simply prefer to view the screens at the navigation table. Others would want info on deck. With the wide availability of Android smartphone and tablets we now have a simple and reliable deck interface available. You can download the free Android App here

An overview of the most common input and output scenarios is given in this slide show which will open in a separate window.

Installing pitch/heel sensor for static and dynamic compensation. See this document.

If you feel that your case is not covered then please send an e-mail to describing your present PC and sail instrument system.