TACSAIL performance software NEW: Version 3.2

For a complete overview of all functions it is recommended to read the manual and the additional functions provided in V3.2 beta.


The program opens by displaying the master window from where all other functions can be accessed. The screen layout can be configured to suit your use. Save a layout or create different layouts acccording to specific scenarios.  You can add screens as tabbed screens (see picture middle area) , as auto-hide screen (right area in picture) which disappear when you leave them and offer the full screen width to e.g. the tactical screen or floating screens. All screens can be resized, positioned at top, left, right or bottom. This gives you great freedom to generate your own favourite layout whilst ensuring an uncluttered a quick and easy access of all main functions.

Tactical screen

Displays all important sailing vectors i.e. True Wind Speed and Direction, Heading of the boat, Course over Ground, Speed over Ground, Speed through the water, Current vector, Lay lines to a Waypoint, Lay lines from the same Waypoint, Track made Good, %  efficiency on a beat or on a run.

  • Background either blank, self-scanned and calibrated raster charts , images, Google earth images or US NOAA BSB/KAP charts. Tools included.

  • Different libraries can be maintained

  • Chart overview function

  • Preview and print command of the screen

  • Zooming and panning

  • Wind information: Speed / True / Synoptic / Grib prediction for boat location

  • Course over ground

  • Heading

  • Dynamic information on efficiency

  • Current vector

  • Lay lines dynamically adjusted acc. to wind conditions and polar data

  • What will be COG on opposite tack ?

  • Course marks

  • Route editor

  • Uploading routes to GPS

  • Start line function / Line bias / Time to burn / GPS offset / Enlarged view

  • Up-Down wind race function / leg splitting and saving of screen to log

  • Comparison of sailed track against optimum track, Gain or Loss at the up- resp. down wind mark

  • Wind trend indication on the tactical screen for easy evaluations of favoured side and wind shifts

  • Tactical screen info : separate small screen displays numerical info in floating window

  • Start timer

  • Chart rotation / Upwind / Downwind / North up

  • Auto-route mode

  • Track display with time markers

Up-Down races

  • Special function for Up-down races in combination with start line function

  • Up and Dow wind marks will be set automatically.

  • Wind trend is shown on the rhumbline for easy evaluation of preferred side.

  • Optimum track ( angle and efficiency) is shown in comparison with sailed track.

  • Advantage at the top resp. bottom mark in meters:seconds

  • Automatic save after each turn ( screen is saved as jpg)

Polar screen

The polar screen displays your boat’s polar data and compares it with your actual performance. This comparison can be between the (theoretical) VPP-performance data or any other targets which you have entered yourself. Apart from showing your boat’s performance in real-time you can use this screen for off-line analysis of recorded data. You can load up to 4 different data set so that comparisons e.g. between different trim settings, boat handling, helmsmen etc.. can be easily performed.  View also live polar data.

  • Display speed vector

  • Set scale of polar graph (max. speed 25 knots)

  • Record and replay polar data for performance analysis

  • Zoom in and pan to any area of the graph with scroll mouse

  • Filter data points on the basis of  boat speed and/or true wind speed and/or wind angle

  • Second order regression on filtered data points (blue line)

  • VPP-data table

  • Custom polar data table

  • Select polar curves acc. to wind speed

  • Preview and print function

  • SB and Port view of polar performance

  • Easy evaluation of performance according to windspeed-range

  • Calculation of standard deviation on each tack

  • Preset filters for most important upwind and downwind range

Trend graphs

Display of major input data side by side in the form of trend graphs.

  • Time scale between 1 min and 4 hours for full graph

  • Display true wind speed and angle

  • Calculate dynamically the regression of wind angle values to make the detection of oscillations easier (red trend line in left graph)

  • Boat speed

  • Efficiency (ratio of SOW against Target Boat Speed)

  • Deviation from optimum sailing angle

  • Heel angle (only with optional Pitch-/Heel-sensor)

  • Pitch-angle and pitch-period

  • Horizontal markers can be scrolled to any place in the graph for analysis

  • Time display synchronized with time info on the track display

  • Preview and print function

  • Smoothening of displayed curves for easy evaluation of trends

Tack analysis

Filter out the tacks automatically and compare best to worst.

For each tack the software will calculate time and distance loss.


Communication with repeaters / Connectivity

LLarge range of possibilities to communicate with repeaters and/or to provide feedback of the tactical information.

  • All NMEA data as well as Tacsail data over serial RS232 port

  • Over TCP/IP-network by using the server function of Tacsail

  • Over WIFI or Bluetooth

  • To other proprietary systems like Silva NEXUS or TackTick (Micronet)

  • To Tacsail App on Android Smartphone/Tablet repeater

  • By using head-up display (major screens are all resizable)

Grib Viewer

Before heading out for a sail you can download grib files for the area. Then when you are sailing and the gribviewer is opened a small extra wind arrow marked "Grib" will be displayed underneath the wind arrow as measured by your instruments and which is displyed in the tactical screen. .This arrow will show interpolated values for the actual boat position.  Scrolling through the different time period will allow you to evaluate in which direction the wind will shift for a coming time period of 3h.


Two Webcams connected via USB ports

  • integrated with logging function for registering trim, sail position, jib leads, twist etc...

  • snapshots every 5/30/60 seconds

  • screen overlay of Time/Efficiency/True wind strength

  • markers are made and saved in a track file for later analysis

  • pictures can be filtered according to "Effciency percentage"

  • integrated picture viewers

Hardware requirements

  • PC or Laptop with processor >=1 GHz , 512 Mb RAM, free serial Comport or USB port(s).

  • Windows 10,8.1,8, Windows 7,Vista, XP

  • Instrument system with NMEA-interface